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About this site

Tomas Mazowski

Hey! My name is Tomas Mazowski and I built this site. I love to travel and I really enjoy spending time on the beach. I've stayed in many beachfront hotels and because of this my friends often ask me about the best beach hotels in a specific location.

To answer this, and to make it easier to find a beachfront hotel, I decided to do some research and create this site. It lets you search for any city in the world and for each location I've listed the hotels and resorts that are on the beach!

Naturally, during my research I came across many great beach hotels. I would say that some of the best ones are located in Hawaii, Greece and Dubai. All places with really beautiful beaches where you can swim, surf or just hang out.

Anyway, no travel guide is perfect and during my research I've probably missed many beach hotels. Do you know of a cool hotel that you think should be on my lists? Send me an email and let me know!

Happy Travels!